- The story of a freedom searcher snail! -


- Move = Arrows

- A / Jump = Z

- B / Roll Mode = X


Turbina lives drowned in a toxic relationship with his husband Baboso, when she realises she deserves freedom and embarks on a journey to the sea, where she wants to learn to fly

Will Turbina achieve her dream? Or will she return to her humilliating days?

It's all up to you!


This game was made in GB Studio for some sort of "game jam" between a lot of students not very familiarised with game development (except for me, lol)

Turbina is fully playable on a Game Boy, GB Color or GB Advance (using a flash cartridge, of course) through its ROM

Hope you enjoy!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHollow Neko
Tags2D, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy ROM, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


TurbinaRom.gb 256 kB

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